Our Team

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The founder of Papertrail is Princeton Francis, a resident of Auckland, New Zealand. He manages the content and other aspects of this website.

He founded Papertrail in 2019 with the aim to provide readers with the information they need to stay up to date regarding the gambling industry in New Zealand.

With the help of his team of experts, Papertrail continues to provide consistent high-quality news for readers of all types.

Technical Team

Our technical team at Papertrail consists of veterans with years of experience with tools that allow the whole Papertrail team to research the latest news. This is mostly composed of technical stuff, hence the name.

Examples of tasks done by this team are the maintenance of researching software, reviewing software, hardware, and more. We are currently looking for talented people to join our technical team.

Content Team

With the help of our technical team, our team in charge of the content or news we provide can easily look for materials that are worth noting. They work together to research the current events in New Zealand regarding the gambling industry.

This team consists of talented writers, researchers, proof readers, and more. They are focused on the literate aspect of this website.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is an important part of our website since this platform wouldn’t have reached our current readers without the marketing efforts of this group.

While it plays a determining role of whether the website is a success, we put less effort into marketing compared to creating high-quality content.