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postimage CrownResortsLimitedsDealWithLasVegasComestoNothing casinolights 348x215 - Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

Recently, talk about the deal between James Packer, the owner of Crown Resorts Limited, and the Las Vegas gambling Giant, Wynn Resorts, was all around the place. However, it was …

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Online Gambling Could Rise Due to Covid-19

onlinegaming 735x400 - Online Gambling Could Rise Due to Covid-19

Covid19 is one of the most talked-about subjects around the world. As it stands right now many countries are trying to slow the pandemic from spreading. However, some online companies including gambling/casinos could see a potential rise in usage due to the pandemic. The calculations and reasoning behind the rise are staying at home orders, the economy, and more individuals are seeking work from home employment. For these reasons, most countries have a stay at home order in place. This means many are not allowed to leave their homes unless for a handful of reasons. These reasons include grocery shopping, exercise, pharmacy, or essential errands that give people the opportunity for healthy living. This enables individuals the ability to live a normal life. in this state of global emergency, individuals are seeking ways to occupy their time. Rather it is bettering themselves, reading, spending time with loved ones, or even finding things to do online. Assuming the internet is a given luxury right now in most countries and the need to passing time, instead of commuting daily for work has given the world a different outlook on life itself.

Covid19 can be spread through human contact and some studies have shown it is more air-born than anything. In this pandemic, the virus itself gives the following symptoms: flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, shortness of breath, coughing spells, and a few other mild cases of flu-like symptoms. The effects it has had on our world have been astonishing, to say the least. It spread quickly and has taken many lives. Many have recovered as well from the virus. Not only has it affected humans but it has effected daily living as well. Daily commutes to work have been stopped, many people are fearing for their lives, caution has proceeded around the world. Many wear masks, use gloves, and use hand sanitizer to help keep them from getting the virus.

The stay at home orders in most countries and areas have allowed individuals to seek a different lifestyle. Not only is boredom one of the key factors but many are having anxiety issues as well. This is leading to individuals staying busy and occupied during the past few months. With the long term effects of the Covid19 being on our heels, many have partaken to online usage. The internet gives us the ability to see family members and keep us busy during this downtime. Not only has social media seen a spike but it could be the reasoning for gambling to see a spike as well in usage. This is due to the boredom and anxiety that individuals are facing today. The usage of online gambling gives individuals a sense of security and funt hat they lack at this point in their lives. Nothing is wrong with having a little fun and expecting more people to test the waters in the pandemic more than ever are expected.

The ceremony at this moment is unsure and many countries are dealing with the issues that come at hand. At the beginning of this pandemic, grocery stores were empty, toilet paper was not to be found and many were stockpiling to ensure their families were stocked with supplies for months on end. Most places have created their own rules and regulations to follow should you step foot in their store. Many places have a six-feet standard ordinance in place. Each individual should stay six-feet away. This is considered a social distancing. A mask in some countries is mandatory to wear in a public pace. Many places also have certain rules as to keeping a lower amount of people int the store altogether to ensure the slow of spreading the virus.

As many can see the impacts that Covid19 has done already globally many are resulting in different work. Including online employment. Many are without jobs, companies are closing, oil prices are plummeting. Our global company will take a huge hit and this is just the beginning of the pandemic era.

Covid19 has effected many individuals with its virus by spreading through our global economy quickly. many lives have been taken, but many lives have been saved as well. Many countries have s stay at home order in place and the rise of usage online including online gambling could ride due to boredom and anxiety. It would keep people bust and some would tend to lean towards it as a way to help their current situation financially. The world economy is changing by the day and the rise in online gambling is sure to find its way for multiple reasons. Rather it is to help sustain an income, keep individuals from being bored, or even to diminish anxiety. Any of those reasons could help online gambling see a spike in usage. 

SkyCity Warns of Casino Closures

closed 735x400 - SkyCity Warns of Casino Closures

Skycity which is a Casino Company based in Australia and New Zealand has stated they will be closing their venues because of the Covid-19 Virus as a precaution to protect their Employees and Workers from being exposed to the Virus. Skycity officials have seen a significant decrease in the number of players who usually came in to play but based on all the Covid-19 cases being discovered and tested many areas around the world are shut down including Casinos. Skycity has raised their awareness of this deadly Virus and has taken these measures of locking down the Casino at first but now has issued to have their Casinos shut down temperately during this time. Many of their Players and Visitors have been from areas that are highly affected by the Covid-19 Virus and some of their Employees and Workers might have been exposed to this deadly Virus but haven’t been tested yet. Skycity has also been instructed to follow the Social Distancing rule which came into effect a few weeks ago, many of their Players and Visitors have not engaged fully in this idea of Social Distancing which is one of the reasons why Skycity Casinos has decided to Temporarily Closed for now.

Other Casinos within the area of Skycity has also taken a huge hit with this dangerous Virus being the cause, some casinos have even taken precautions to allow their Players to engage online and play casino games online with their Casino Websites. They’re also placing their Employees and Workers on temporary leave but with extended leave, payments to compensate for the Closing of the Skycity Casino and Temporary leave for their Employees. This Casino doesn’t mind the decrease in their money situation at the moment which has gone down to 80 Million which is significantly less than last years profit, but if this means we can tackle this deadly Virus by Shutting Down for a little while then that’s what we’ll have to do. Due to this Covid-19 Virus many other their Players and Visitors do not have the Clearance to even Travel into Australia mainly because they live in other Countries and their Countries might have Travel restrictions and Entry Restrictions. Stephens the Co-Owner of Skycity Casinos has stated there might be other ways around this Virus to keep the Casino opened but still have the Rule of Social Distancing in effect but this also lays in the hands of the Players, if they’re sick stay home, wash your hands and stay 6 feet from each other.

While these Casinos are closed, Owners have hired a small group of cleaners to deep clean the Casino, the Flooring, the Slot Machines, the Table Games and any Fine Dining Areas. These precautions and extended cleaning efforts will hopefully get rid of this dangerous Virus and allow us to open back up in a few weeks. Studies show this deadly Virus needs to be contained and sterilized for at least 15 days for this Virus to disappear and make the Casino Area safe to be opened to the public again. These precautional measures are made for the whole Country not just Casinos but Food Industries, Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores and much more are also affected by these extreme measures and have also been required to close temporarily. The hope and plan for these Closures are to hopefully see a decrease in these Covid-19 cases which are still being found today, with closing everything Temporarily this will help decrease the spread of this Virus. Many Country Officials have stated they would rather have people play online Slot Machines or Casino Games because the Country has restrictions on all types of Social Gatherings, Meetings or Traveling. Skycity Officials strongly advise their Players and usual Customers to play online Casinos to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 Virus and to keep these health concerns to a minimum as much as possible. Many of these decisions are based on the significant decrease of Visitors from other countries such as China, Asia, America, and much more.

These Countries have a high restriction ban in place to restrict any Traveling and allowing outsiders in their Country, the decrease within numbers have significantly affected the Casino’s Revenue but they would rather be safe than sorry and have decided to closed their casinos except for their Online Casino websites. One way the Casino has come up with an idea of how they can continue to make money or save money is by cutting their expenses by half of what they use to spend as well as cutting any non-essential spending down to a minimum, this has shown to help them so far. These decisions are mainly put in effect to help protect others as well as their Company from this deadly Virus known as the Covid-19 Virus. This Virus is known to cause significant damage to the lungs and respiratory system to those who become affected by this Virus. That’s why Casinos and major Companies are taking these precautions to close their Businesses Temporarily to stop the spread and to decrease the number of Virus Cases and the number of those affected by this Virus. The Countries that have a higher rate of Covid-19 Virus Cases have had to close their Main Businesses due to the severity of this Virus and have strongly advised their people to stay home, stay on top of their Hygiene routine and to stop social gatherings and meeting. Skycity knows that this might upset their Customers, Players and Employees but this is to appease their Country and follow these Restrictions and make sure everyone stays healthy.

For those who are affected by this Virus they strongly advised you to go get tested and checked out by your doctor, and do what is needed to help stop the spread of this Virus. All Workers and Employees of Skycity Casinos both in Australia and New Zealand will be paid for Temporary Leave and the payments will continue for as long as needed. Skycity isn’t the only Casino in Australia or New Zealand to experience this hard decision to close their Casinos for Temporary time limit, other surrounding Casinos such as Queenstown and Hamilton have also experienced these closures as well. Even though these Casinos will take a major hit with their Profits, they’re still willing to keep their Casinos closed, spread awareness against this Virus and keep their employees’ jobs. Skycity has stated they highly recommend their Players to continue playing online at their Casino’s Online Gaming Website for now until this Virus and issue is resolved.

Gambling Venue Manager Prosecuted for Failing to Identify Problem Gambler

postimage GamblingVenueManagerProsecutedforFailingtoIdentifyProblemGambler gambling 735x400 - Gambling Venue Manager Prosecuted for Failing to Identify Problem Gambler

Since the signing into law of the Gambling Act, the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand has not taken any action.

However, just recently, they’ve finally made their first move when a gambling venue manager was not able to fulfil their responsibility and failed to identify a problem gambler.

Penalty for Failing to Identify Problem Gambling

This may sound too much for others, this event is actually considered to be a criminal act and the gambling venue is now penalized for $5000 and given a criminal conviction.

While the government organization did not agree to disclose the name of the gambling venue, it was confirmed that the offender isn’t connected to a casino, but rather a pub or bar.

The First Case

There are many gambling crimes happening around the world, but this is particularly worth noting since it’s the first case where a gambling venue has failed to identify a problem gambler.

The spokesperson of the government organization stated that it’s the responsibility of gambling venues to identify such gamblers as they are responsible for providing the services considered to be the underlying cause of the problem.

postimage GamblingVenueManagerProsecutedforFailingtoIdentifyProblemGambler gamblingtable - Gambling Venue Manager Prosecuted for Failing to Identify Problem Gambler

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is when a gambler cannot stop gambling regardless of whether his/her actions are bringing negative effects to their lives. This is often noticeable with the gambler’s behaviour and it’s particularly easy to identify one problem gambler.

This is precisely why the Department of Internal Affairs has no reason to pass off such incidents where gambling venues fail to identify problem gamblers.

No Excuses for the Failure

Gambling operators don’t have any excuses for their failure of identifying a problem gambler, since they have the proper procedure and policies of identifying such problems, and they’re even trained to do so.

It’s stated that the majority of New Zealand residents agree to this move stating that it’s only reasonable to prosecute those who fail to fulfil this responsibility, despite having the ability to do so.

“It should be the obligations of gambling facilities to take the steps necessary to identify and reform a problem gambler receiving their services.”

The Department of Internal Affairs also stated that they won’t allow any gambling venue to continue operating unless they are knowledgeable about this underlying problem of the gambling community.

What Does the Gambling Act Say?

Under the Gambling Act, the staff of gambling venues are required to take the steps necessary to identify such cases and once they do, it should be clear that they should offer help.

This responsibility of gambling facilities is legal and failing to fulfil it is considered as an illegal act. Being found guilty of such criminal act can lead to a penalty of $5000.

It may even result in a criminal conviction, which may result in the barring of that certain person from being involved in the gambling business.

There are cases where problem gambling can’t be stopped, in which case it’s no longer an illegal act.

However, it would be when the gambling venue ignores problem gamblers as it’s believed to be an act done only when the gambling facility does not care about the players and instead prioritizes profits above anything else.

Sky City Online Casino Announcement

paper - Sky City Online Casino Announcement

SkyCity Entertainment Group Announce Online Casino

The gambling community in New Zealand has been rocked as SkyCity announce that they are infact going forward with the launching the SkyCity Online Casino.

SkyCity Entertainment group announced a partnership between a Maltese subsidiary and GIG. GIG is a casino software provider that builds and manages casino websites for online casino operators. They sure that the websites function correctly, integrate with various game providers, provide support services, regulatory assistance and banking integration.

Online Casino Rumours

The rumours had been swirling for close to a year before Graeme Stephens made it clear that SkyCity were investigating the possibility of launching their own online casino. The news first broke on the BestNewZealandCasinos.com website before other national newspapers and websites picked up on the story.

Worries surrounding legalities

The biggest hurdle that SkyCity had to overcome to setup an online casino was the fact that according to the Department of Internal Affairs website, it is illegal for a New Zealand business to offer online gambling products to New Zealand residents. The full stance of the DIA can be found on their website.

The work around to this problem was for SkyCity to create a Maltese subsidiary that would be the actual online casino operator. Due to the fact that this subsidiary was based outside of New Zealand, it would be completely legal for it to provide online gambling services in New Zealand.

The prohibition is on remote interactive gambling in New Zealand and therefore does not prohibit gambling conducted overseas. For example, it is not illegal for someone in New Zealand to participate in gambling over the Internet if that website is based overseas.

The law that SkyCity are using to skirt “The MAN” is the same law that is going to limit how much the casino is now going to be able to impact the Kiwi economy. The company that is providing the Online Gambling service cannot be a New Zealand company, therefor the many of the support staff that should be hired in New Zealand, helping boost our local economy are going to be based overseas where the money will be used to grow some foreign country’s economy.

This law also means that when players have difficulties with casinos, they have very little recourse locally. Players that have complaints need to lodge these in foreign jurisdictions like Malta where the laws and level of player protection may not line up with what we as Kiwis consider legitimate. Malta itself is not a bad country for this but there are other jurisdictions that issue gambling licenses and offer no player recourse if the casino steals your money and refuses to pay out.

So is this really SkyCity

This is where it starts to get complex. The online casino will be branded with the SkyCity logo, it will likely have various promotions that are linked to the famous Aukland casino but in reality it will be an entirely separate entity. The casino itself will be run out of Malta with input from New Zealand but the companies need to remain separated for various legal reasons.

We hope that with the parent company being a New Zealand business that it will help the New Zealand government understand that online gambling is not as shady an enterprise as it was 20 years ago when many online casinos were just scams looking to steal unsuspecting people’s money.

When will SkyCity be live?

The SkyCity casino website is not yet live but industry insiders tell us that it is only a matter of weeks before the Casino is launched on the New Zealand population.

The face of online gambling is about to change, the owners of these casinos are no longer shady characters hiding in the shadows with Grandma’s pension, they are big local businesses that pay tax, employ hundreds of people and act in a socially responsible manner.

Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

postimage CrownResortsLimitedsDealWithLasVegasComestoNothing casinolights 735x400 - Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

Recently, talk about the deal between James Packer, the owner of Crown Resorts Limited, and the Las Vegas gambling Giant, Wynn Resorts, was all around the place.

However, it was recently found that the deal had come to nothing due to issues that there was information leaked to the media.

Wynn Terminated Discussion with Crown Resorts

Wynn Resorts is best known for its operation of hotels in Las Vegas, Macau, and Boston. It was directly mentioned by the Crowns that the discussion between them and Wynn was confidential and it involves a change of control between the two.

The deal particularly involves the selling of the Las Vegas property between the two parties, with Crown having the chance of walking away with $2 billion in Wynn Resorts. However, Crowns decided to reveal this plan of theirs.

postimage CrownResortsLimitedsDealWithLasVegasComestoNothing casinointerior - Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

As a result, the executive of Wynn Resorts was upset about this move by Crown and terminated any further discussion with Crown Resorts.

The deal was not yet finalized and it’s understood that the discussion is confidential. Wynn executives even stated that they were shocked by Crown’s announcement of the discussion. Even United States gamblers were surprised.

The information about the discussion was announced just weeks after James Packer was listed as one of richest people in The Australian’s The List, taking the 15th place with a net worth of $4.23 billion.

Crown, a Great Addition to Wynn Holdings

Crown is best known for its casino hotels in Perth, London, Melbourne, and Sydney, which is currently under development. Wynn stated that the merging of the company to theirs will bring a significant change in their empire.

postimage CrownResortsLimitedsDealWithLasVegasComestoNothing playingmachines - Crown Resorts Limited’s Deal With Las Vegas Comes to Nothing

Crown’s Chance to Emerge

The past few years was some of the worst moments in Crown’s venture in the gambling industry.

Not only were they forced to stop venturing in Macau and Las Vegas, but their staff in China was also arrested and jailed due to the promotion of gambling, which is supposedly illegal in the country.

The share firms of Crown skyrocketed with the announcement that a merge will be happening in the future. With this unexpected turn of events, it’s expected that this year might be another moment where Crown would have to endure yet again.

While it’s very tempting to brag about their latest achievement, this move only cost them a fortune. Hopefully, they won’t make the same mistake again.